While my channel hasn't been active as of late, it's been taking a back seat to things happening in my life. With the results of tonight's Federal election, I will say I am disappointed by the election results. I was hoping it would be at least a CPC minority, since the election results are not exactly in the favour of gun owners, I may start deleting all my gun related videos, pictures, and social media accounts.

Since I don't trust Trudeau won't bring back in a gun registry or out right ban certain firearms, especially with Adam Vaughan, Mark Holland and Bill Blair being elected (notable anti-firearms ownership) I don't want to make it easy for any gun grabbing politicians to know what I own. My youtube channel and other social media accounts are a shopping list of what I own, and since I was willing to post videos and pictures using my real name, I don't want to make it any easier for gun grabbers to take what I spent a large sum of my hard earned money on.


I've decided that I won't delete my content, but will do my best to post even more!