As I said, I would post a reply from my MPP.

Dear Mr. Capranos, Thank you for your email regarding the G20 conference. I appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns.‪
As you know, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) requested, in the context of public safety, that a regulation be made under the Public Works Protection Act to designate the G20 area security perimeter as “public works” from June 21st - June 28th.
The PWPA was established in 1939 and is in effect in several locations across the province. In 2005, the authority to enforce the PWPA was upheld by Ontario Courts.
More information is available by TPS at (416) 808-2222.‪‪
On a personal level, I am deeply disappointed by the violent actions that occurred over that weekend. I have encouraged and supported public demonstrations in the past and I believe very strongly that peaceful protests play a vital role in a healthy democracy and, more importantly, that our rights to assemble and demonstrate are fundamental. Civil liberties and civil rights are the cornerstones of our society and freedom.‪‪ I will continue to reinforce these issues with my colleagues at Queen's Park.
Thank you again for writing. ‪
Sincerely, ‪ Charles Sousa, MPP‪ Mississauga South‪