As those closet to me know, I am a firearms enthusiast, over the last year and half, I have acquired my firearms license, and several rifles and handguns. I strongly believe that all Canadian's have the right to own firearms, whether people agree or disagree with this is a mute point. It's a right that has been enshrined upon us, and each Canadian has the ability to choose whether or not they want to exercise this right.

Earlier this year the MP for Yorkton - Melville (Saskatchewan) Gary Breitkreuz has presented a private members bill C-301 in parliament, that would scrap the still controversial long gun registry and would make other changes to the law in regards to firearm transportation for restricted and prohibited firearms, license renewal, government over site of firearms laws.

While many in the firearms community believe that the Bill does not go far enough to protect and ensure our rights to own firearms, it is a step in the right direction and we as Canadian's need to ensure our rights are not slowly eroded away, please read the bill found here, and write to your MP and demand they support this Bill, you can find a listing of all MP's Here.

After all, if the government can take away your right to own firearms, what's next?